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Summer 2021/22

Centre Locations


Musselburgh Juniors –  Musselburgh School, 34 Marlow Street, Musselburgh

Green Island Juniors – Green Island School, 3 Howden Street- School Hall, Green Island

Silverstream Juniors – 52 Green Street, Mosgiel

Wakari Juniors – Wakari School – 150 Helensburgh Road, Wakari

Bathgate Park School – 213 Macandrew Road, Dunedin

Fairfield Juniors/Seniors – Fairfield (old preschool), 119 Main Road, Fairfield 

North East Valley Juniors/Seniors – Scared Heart School 63 North Road, North East Valley 


Tahuna Seniors – 31 Auld Street, St Kilda