8am – 3:30pm   ONLY $48.00 per day/child

8am – 4:30pm   ONLY $53.00 per day/child

8am – 5:45pm   ONLY $58.00 per day/child

* $5 Excursion Day Fee (Includes GST).

Special discounts for families with three or more children – conditions apply.


Email: admin@magickidsclub.co.nz

Phone: 453 3266 or 0224665227

Subsidy Forms

We our now filling these out when you book in, when you book simply acknowledge you require a WINZ form. We will fill our part out, sign it and send it back to you as pdf via your email address or you can request a form to be printed. You will need to hand our part of the application in with your application forms.

ResizedImage140140-Click-Here  Click here to see if you are eligible.

ResizedImage140140-Click-Here  Click here to see income thresholds.