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We are open for you!

Magic Kids Club will be re-opening from 18 May.

Keeping kids safe at Alert level 2

Some of the ways in which we are protecting and promoting the health of children and the public at Alert level 2:

  • We will constantly educate our children in the use of healthy hygiene practises, promote hand washing and drying, use of hand sanitiser and coughing into the crook of the arm.
  • We will implement social distancing measures to limit close contact between students and staff, such as choosing activities that minimize close contact, the size of groups, and allow for more physical space between children.
  • Supervisors are washing their hands frequently
  • The Programme Manager will sign your children out – please do not touch the tablet for the time being.
  • We require students and staff to stay home if they are displaying cold and flu like symptoms AND have been overseas OR in close contact with any individual that has been overseas in the last 14 days OR any individual who has contracted COVID-19. 
  • We have established procedures for identifying and sending home children and staff who are sick at our programmes (please see below).
  • We will perform regular cleaning on high use areas, such as door handles.

In short, we will implement public health requirements and physical distancing as appropriate for the context of after school care, and will work tirelessly to ensure a safe quality care environment.

We are looking forward to welcoming kids back to our programmes. 


The Team at Magic Kids Club 


April 2020 Holiday Programme

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